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Packers & Movers Aurangabad

Packers & Movers Aurangabad

Packers & Movers Aurangabad

Packers and Movers Aurangabad

Welcome to Om Trans Relocations Packers Movers Aurangabad! Taking care of all the packers and movers needs of our customers, we could analyze that the city was inclined to historic culture and monuments. History signifies love towards things that are old yet close to heart. Minutely working on these combined needs of our clients in the Maharashtra state, we ensconced our feet in the city to help the people move safely and in a secured manner. Maximum customer satisfaction is at our priority and hence we understand the need of safely moving your priceless belongings from one destination to another, be it to and from any two extreme corners. This has helped us in maintaining our presence by adding other services to our packing and moving services.

OM Trans Relocation Packers Movers Aurangabad understand that a house is built not only with the people and things but also with those small and big memories that happen to occur at every point of your time. In addition, we also know the intensity of the priceless emotions attached to every article that our customers possess and hence we make it a point that everything is delivered with utmost safety and in an intact manner. Of course the delivery to another corner of the country from one, is not a day or two’s task and it takes its own specific time to expertly pack and mover everything. For this reason, we have been providing an assistance to our customers on a round the clock basis, which helps them locate their consignment at any point of time, during the move.

We have been famous for using the uncompromised packaging material and also specially designed Double-Door Household Carrier, with a tail lift, to load and carry articles of all the types, with safety and care. We are one of the established Packers and movers in Aurangabad and we leave no stones unturned in putting our best of efforts to work in accordance with the latest technologies and also apply the same in our business in order to gain better results with every upcoming assignment. Making you feel like confident about you handing over your priceless possessions to someone responsible, we live up to all our client’s expectations and deliver quality. Plan your move with us this time and with an insignia of assurance, we would plan out the best possible move for you. No matter if it is about moving to and from any corner of the country or world, we would assist it like being the second guardian to your sole possessions.

About Aurangabad

Aurangabad! The name is derived from the Mughal ruler, Aurangazeb. Its ancient history dates back up to the eras of Buddhism, but the modern history of Aurangabad is traced back to 1610. The Buddhist caves in Aurangabad and Ellora are the clear evidence of strong Buddhism influence and influx around the city in earlier times.

A prime minister of the Muslim Kingdom of Ahmednagar, Malik Ambar established a town at a village called Khirki. Later, his son Fateh Khan named the town as Fatehpur in 1626. Mohammad Bin Tughlaq tried to switch over the capital of his Delhi sultanate to Fatehpur in 14th century keeping in mind the strategic location of the town. The town was at the centre of India, and the region was considered the safest from the marauding armies of the Afghan and Central Asian raiders.When Aurangazeb took over the Deccan kingdoms, he changed the name of the town to Aurangabad in 1653. Aurangazeb used the town as the strategic point to suppress the rising power of Shivaji. Aurangabad was taken over by the Nizam of Hyderabad after the death of Aurangazeb in 1707 that retained control till it was merged with Maharashtra in 1956.The current day Aurangabad offers a wonderful opportunity to step back to past history. Ajanta and Ellora caves and Bibi-Ka-Makbara bring back the visitors to the past history of the town.


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