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Packers & Movers Delhi Ncr

Packers & Movers Delhi Ncr

Packers & Movers Delhi Ncr

Packers and Movers Delhi Ncr!

OM Trans Relocation Packers Movers Delhi Ncr! Welcome Having our well-established branch at Delhi Ncr, we are committed to render solutions to all of the problems associated with the relocation process. Delhi Ncr is an ancient and historic city in Delhi. From past few years, the city has been identified growing with a fast rate. As a result, numbers of moves take place from and in the city. With our presence, people relocating there have a relief that why they have to worry, when We are here to help them. We have a strong network of 103 well-connected branches, Delhi Ncr is one of which.

At our Delhi Ncr branch, you will find the team of skilled and experienced people who is covering entire city rendering qualitative services. Being the renowned name in the industry of packing and moving, it has become our responsibility to deliver best assistance to our customers. Keeping this in mind, OM Trans Relocation Delhi Ncr is competent and dedicated to assist you in your move.

We are proudly known among our customers because of the complete package of relocation services we offer, which includes:

  • Packing the goods making use of high quality and durable packing materials such as bubble wrap, fabric sheets, cellophane sheets etc
  • Loading them safely on the carrier with the help of effective equipments like hand trolley
  • Transporting them through specially designed carriers like double door household carriers or trucking cubes
  • Unloading them safely and securely
  • Unpacking the goods room-wise or label-wise as the customers want.

About Delhi Ncr

Delhi Ncr! – India’s capital, is one of the oldest & ancient cities in the history of the world. In ancient times, at this place used to be a forest which was known as Khandavprastha. Kalika Puran describes that one Chandravanshi Yadav King Sudarshan, cleared up this forest area of Khandavprastha & constructed a beautiful city which he called Khandavpuri. King Sudarshan slowly conquered the wide parts of the world & made Khandavpuri as it’s capital. The city of Khandavpur became world famous for it’s beauty, planning & its opulence’s. Lord Indra became envious by seeing the beauty of Khandavprastha & he attacked the city in alliance with the King of Kashi Vijay & destroyed & looted the city of all it’s riches. Eventually the destroyed city was again engulfed by the forest & people slowly forget it. Since Lord Indra has conquered this place from the Yaduvanshi King Sudarshan, people started calling this place as Indraprastha. An ancient Khandeswar temple is located in this area of Burari, Delhi.

At the end of Dvapar Yuga, this place (forest area Indraprastha) was the part of Kaurava Kingdom. Later on this place was given to the Pandavas by the Kauravas. Kaurav & Pandavs were all Chandravanshi Kshatriya & were the ancestor of King Puru- the son of King Yayati. The mother of Pandavas, Kunti Devi was a Yadav princess & the sister of King Vasudev (the father of Lord Krishna). When Pandavas were given this forest area by Kauravas to live & rule from, all the Yadav’s from Dwarakapuri contributed 1/6 of their wealth for the kingdom of Indraprastha- the Kingdom of Pandavas. Lord Krishna spent lot of time in Indraprastha. Maya Danav constructed the palace of Indraprastha.

After the defeat of Kaurava’s in Mahabharat yudha, Pandava’s became ruler of both Indraprastha & Hastinapur ( located 125 Kms from Delhi). Later on, Pandava’s enthroned Bajranabha (Vajranabha)-the great grandson of Lord Krishna as the King of Indraprastha & Mathura and made Parikshit Maharj as the King of Hastinapur. Even today the belt between Delhi & Mathura is called Ahirwal. The names of few Yadav king’s who ruled Delhi post Mahabharat era is: Vikrampal, Samudrapal etc.

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