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Packers & Movers Mangalore

Packers & Movers Mangalore

Packers & Movers Mangalore

Packers and Movers Mangalore

We Om Trans Relocation Packers Movers Mangalore are involved in offering a comprehensive range of safe & damage-free shifting / moving and transportation of goods to any destination as per your wish. We personally take care of all your goods and products and ensure our esteemed customer satisfaction. Our services are well known all over the city for the following reasons:

  • We have a well-established office in Mangalore to reach you conveniently.
  • Packing of goods using packing materials of good quality.
  • The entire work of shifting is done under expert supervision by skilled workers.
  • Warehousing and storage facilities are also available.
  • Insurance Coverage services.
  • Transportation of goods by especially designed moving vehicles.
  • Shifting Solution.

Mangalore! In the third century BCE, the town formed part of the Maurya Empire, ruled by the Buddhist emperor, Ashoka of Magadha. The region was known as Sathia (Shantika) during the Mauryan regime. From second century CE to sixth century CE, the Kadamba dynasty ruled over the region. From 567 to 1325, the town was ruled by the native Alupa rulers. The Alupas ruled over the region as feudatories of major regional dynasties like the Chalukyas of Badami, Rashtrakutas, Chalukyas of Kalyani, and Hoysalas.Mangalapura (Mangalore) was the capital of the Alupa dynasty until the 14th century. The city, then an important trading zone for Persian merchants, was visited by Adenese merchant Abraham Ben Yiju.

The Moroccan traveler Ibn Battuta, who had visited the town in 1342, referred to it as Manjarun, and stated that the town was situated on a large estuary. By 1345, the Vijayanagara rulers brought the region under their control.Later, the Jain Kings and the Muslim Bangara Kings ruled the town as feudatories of the Vijayanagar Empire, and brought the town firmly under an efficient and centralised administration.[24] In 1448, Abdul Razak, the Persian ambassador of Sultan Shah Rukh of Samarkand, visited Mangalore, and was amazed at a glorious temple he saw in the city, en route to Vijayanagara.




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