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Packers & Movers Punjab

Packers & Movers Punjab

Packers & Movers Punjab

Packers and Movers Punjab

OM Trans Relocation Packers Movers Punjab have been overlaid practically each field of the state. From household relocating to the company moving and worldwide moving, we’re able to serve you with efficient and skilled manpower and making use of modernized tools and procedures. Packing and moving isn’t an easy assignment. The work is implemented by using expert packers under the supervision of authorities who are unique complete protection and 0 breakage for the duration of the transit. We provide personalized home relocation services in international. Household goods involves the shifting of all materials like glass items, paintings, Almira, electronic material and oven, Over Dimensional Consignment and all varieties of Logistics services

And with that, we imply that we handle all varieties of Relocation services in Punjab like:

  • Residence transferring
  • Vehicle moving
  • Office Shifting
  • Bike transferring
  • Business transferring

OM Trans Relocation use packing containers, boxes, and luggage to percentage objects. The packed items are marked with serial number and coding. The instructions are updated with the packing important points. It’s fundamental from unpacking standpoint. There’s one of a variety modes of transportation used for moving material from one place to the other place, e.g. Small trucks, heavy vans, containers, auto carriers, and many others. Appropriate items are loaded into the respective vehicles so that it reached safely to the target point. Since it’s a door-to-door carrier the place the material is picked from the pickup point and delivered at the target point.

About Punjab

The word “Punjab” for the first time was mentioned in the Book “Tarikh-e-Sher Shah” (1580) which mentions the construction of Fort by a fellow named “Sher Khan of Punjab”. Again the name is mentioned in “Ain-e-Akbari” part 1 written by Abul Fazal who also mentions that the territory of Punjab was divided into two provinces of Lahore and Multan. Similarly in the second volume of “Aeen-e-Akbari” title of a chapter contains the word “Punjab” in it. Also the Mughal King Jahangir mentions the word “Punjab” on page 183 of his book “Tuzk-i-Janhageeri”. [Quraishee 73]But Archeologists have traced the signs of human habitation to times long before that of Mughals arrival. The upper basin of Indus and the Baluchistan Plateau hosted one of the earliest human civilizations known as the Indus valley civilization. The earliest signs of life human activity date as far back as 7000 B.P. The Indus valley civilization grew from small village and settlements to highly refined urban life. At its height, around 3000 B.C., it boasted the splendid cities of Harrapa (Near present Day Sahiwal in West Punjab) and Mohenjo Daro in the lower Indus valley. The story of the decline, whose reasons are still not completely explained, of civilization is also told through the remains of these cities.

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